Scar­bor­ough Mocks Democ­rats in ‘Prob­lem Solvers Cau­cus’ Vot­ing to Dump McCarthy

<div>Scarborough Mocks Democrats in 'Problem Solvers Caucus' Voting to Dump McCarthy</div>

There’s some­thing fun­ny about the House Democ­rats in the “Prob­lem Solvers Cau­cus” vot­ing unan­i­mous­ly to dump Speak­er Kevin McCarthy, which will delay the House for solv­ing prob­lems dur­ing a stop-gap peri­od to avoid a gov­ern­ment shut­down.
On today’s Morn­ing Joe, Scar­bor­ough recy­cled his line from yes­ter­day, sug­gest­ing that instead of let­ting McCarthy be removed from the Speak­er­ship, Democ­rats would have been wise to have suf­fi­cient Dems vote “present” to keep McCarthy in office.:

“If Democ­rats wake up to a Jim Jor­dan speak­er­ship, I mean, who knows? They may be ask­ing ques­tions, like, why did­n’t a few more of us vote “present?” 

But Scar­brough then went after Democ­rats in the so-called “Prob­lem Solvers Cau­cus” who could have retained a speak­er more acco­mo­dat­ing than Jim Jor­dan.

SCARBOROUGH: We can’t expect [Demo­c­rat House Minor­i­ty Leader] Hakeem Jef­fries to come out and say, “please vote for Kevin McCarthy.”  
But if you [begins shout­ing] are in the Prob­lem Solvers Cau­cus, a cau­cus that is meant to pro­tect the insti­tu­tion of the Unit­ed States Con­gress, do you not, as a mem­ber of the Prob­lem Solvers Cau­cus, go, “Hey, guys, why don’t we all just …