Nicolle Wal­lace: We Don’t Ampli­fy Dan­ger­ous Trump Comments—But He’s Hitler!

<div>Nicolle Wallace: We Don't Amplify Dangerous Trump Comments—But He's Hitler!</div>

In what I called in an X post the “laugh line o’ the day,” Nicolle Wal­lace opened her Thurs­day MSNBC show on a solemn note. She even man­aged to keep a straight face while say­ing:

“On this pro­gram, we try our hard­est not to ever ampli­fy [Trump’s] most dan­ger­ous com­ments.”

Wal­lace then prompt­ly pro­ceed­ed to give the lie to her claim, by resort­ing to the lib­er­al medi­a’s most tired cliché: Trump = Hitler.Wallace played a clip of Trump decry­ing uncon­trolled immi­gra­tion, some­thing that even Biden has acknowl­edged, with his new­ly announced plan to build a wall, to be a seri­ous prob­lem. This sounds quite a bit like Trump’s open­ing blast in 2015 — remem­ber “they’re not send­ing their best”? 

TRUMP: Nobody has any idea where these peo­ple are com­ing from, and we know they come from pris­ons, we know they come from men­tal insti­tu­tions, insane asy­lums. We know they’re ter­ror­ists. Nobody has ever seen like what we’re wit­ness­ing right now. It is a very sad thing for our coun­try. It’s poi­son­ing the blood of our coun­try.

“Pois …