UH-OH! NPR Morn­ing Anchor Steve Inskeep Infu­ri­ates the Left­ies on MSNBC

UH-OH! NPR Morning Anchor Steve Inskeep Infuriates the Lefties on MSNBC

Joan Walsh used to be an MSNBC reg­u­lar. It’s clear she is still watch­ing MSNBC, because she became real­ly upset on Wednes­day night dur­ing Alex Wag­n­er tonight when NPR Morn­ing Edi­tion anchor Steve Inskeep was plug­ging his lat­est his­tor­i­cal book on “how Abra­ham Lin­coln suc­ceed­ed in a divid­ed Amer­i­ca.” 
This was her tweet/post: 

Trag­ic. Com­ic? Steve Inskeep is on my TV both sidesing this shit­show. Dems did­n’t act on “prin­ci­ple” in not help­ing out McCarthy. Maybe it’s a prin­ci­ple not to trust liars who renege on deals, or who would­n’t rat­i­fy Bide …