NY Times Won’t Call Hamas Ter­ror­ists, Defends Biden From GOP on His $6B to Iran

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The repel­lent coor­di­nat­ed ter­ror­ist attacks Sat­ur­day by Hamas on the state of Israel on Sat­ur­day, tar­get­ing both sol­diers and cit­i­zens for rape and mur­der and kid­nap­ping. But in its ongo­ing live cov­er­age the New York Times con­sis­tent­ly refused to call the Hamas ter­ror­ists, using the less dra­mat­ic word “mil­i­tants,” which is stan­dard prac­tice for the paper. It’s the same word the paper just used in a news sto­ry to describe GOP oppo­si­tion to Democ­rats. The Times has a long and pathet­ic his­to­ry of par­rot­ing the pro­pa­gan­da of the death-and-rape-cult Hamas.
The Times was only will­ing to quote Israelis accu­rate­ly call­ing the invaders t …