Wash­ing­ton Post Lec­tures on the His­to­ry of ‘Cor­po­rate Geno­cide’ Behind Pump­kin Spice

<div>Washington Post Lectures on the History of 'Corporate Genocide' Behind Pumpkin Spice</div>

Left­ist news­pa­pers like The Wash­ing­ton Post dear­ly love a chance to remind us of how sav­age white Euro­peans com­mit­ted geno­cide 500 years ago. Fox News media reporter Joseph Wulf­sohn not­ed that on Fri­day, the Post brought the Deb­bie Down­er his­to­ry les­son to “pump­kin spice,” just in time for the polit­i­cal­ly cor­rect to beat their breasts about the Octo­ber craze. 
The head­line:

Fall’s favorite spice blend has a vio­lent his­to­ry
His­to­ri­ans say the instance of “cor­po­rate geno­cide” was over nut­meg, with­out which there would be no Pump­kin Spice Lat­te.

The reporter was Maham Javaid, who grew up in Karachi, Pak­istan. She found a his­to­ri­an to real­ly lay on a guilt trip about your lat­te:

The invaders struck the island from three sides simul­ta­ne­ous­ly.
The Dutch fleet of 1,655 sol­diers and sailors and more than a dozen wood­en ships land­ed at the Ban­da Islands, an arch­i­pel­ago locat­ed in mod­ern-day Indone­sia, in 1621. It was the most pow­er­ful mil­i­tary cam­paign the Dutch East India Com­pa­ny had sent to Asia thus far.
After a swift Ban­danese sur­ren­der, the vic­tors round­ed …