Fact Check: Jim Jor­dan Did NOT ‘Ter­ror­ize’ Sun­ny Hostin in a 2019 House Hear­ing

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<div>Fact Check: Jim Jordan Did NOT 'Terrorize' Sunny Hostin in a 2019 House Hearing</div>

On Octo­ber 5, co-host Sun­ny Hostin endorsed the notion of Rep. Jim Jor­dan (R.-Ohio) as a “polit­i­cal ter­ror­ist,” com­plain­ing he “ter­ror­ized me and the oth­er experts” at a House Judi­cia­ry Com­mit­tee hear­ing: 

I tes­ti­fied in front of Con­gress about some­thing so sim­ple, cam­eras in court­rooms. He came in late. He looked disheveled and he imme­di­ate­ly was scream­ing and yelling and ter­ror­ized me and the oth­er experts on the pan­el. And describ­ing him as a ter­ror­ist is exact­ly that. He’s a chaos agent and it came out of nowhere.

So I won­dered when this alleged ter­ror­iz­ing occurred of this del­i­cate flower. It was a sub­com­mit­tee hear­ing on “Ensur­ing the Pub­lic’s Right of Access to the Courts” on Sep­tem­ber 26, 2019. So I thought the video must be on C‑SPAN, but I could­n’t locate it. So Nick Fon­dac­aro found it on YouTube. This does NOT match Hostin’s wild tale of a disheveled ter­ror­iz­ing mon­ster. 
First of all, the “came in late” is an odd attack, since in this hear­ing (as in ma …