New CNN Boss to Zucker-Loving Staff: Don’t Be ‘Distracted’ About ‘Balance’!

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<div>New CNN Boss to Zucker-Loving Staff: Don't Be 'Distracted' About 'Balance'!</div>

Wall Street Journal reporter Isabella Simonetti underlined how new CNN chief executive Mark Thompson is cozying up to the Jeff Zucker-loving bias brigade at CNN. On his first day on Monday, he spoke to employees in a video message. He said CNN needs to step up its digital game, saying conventional TV “can no longer define us,” and said its journalists shouldn’t be “distracted” by debates about balance or false equivalency.
“For most people under retirement age, the first place they turn for news is their phones, not their TVs. And news players who can’t or won’t respond to that revolution risk losing their audience and their business,” Thompson said, adding “this company is still nowhere near ready for the future…TV is vital and there’s urgent work to do there, especially as we rebuild prime time. But TV is also too dominant at CNN and digital too marginal.”
Thompson urged CNN to define the news, not just react to it. “And let’s not second guess ourselves or g …