HORRIFIC: George Soros Demand­ed ‘Amer­i­ca and Israel Must Open the Door to Hamas’

<div>HORRIFIC: George Soros Demanded ‘America and Israel Must Open the Door to Hamas'</div>

In a 2007 op-ed, left­ist bil­lion­aire George Soros out­ra­geous­ly called on Amer­i­ca and Israel to “open the doors” to Hamas, and now that clar­i­on call has come back to haunt him. 
Fol­low­ing Hamas ter­ror­ist attacks that result­ed in at least 1,200 peo­ple in Israel being killed with anoth­er 2,700 wound­ed, MRC called on Soros to pro­vide an expla­na­tion for fund­ing the pro-Hamas group Al-Shaba­ka, which cel­e­brat­ed the ter­ror­ist inva­sion. How­ev­er, it turns out that Soros has an even longer his­to­ry of sup­port­ing Hamas. The dis­turb­ing pro-Hamas head­line from his March 19, 2007 screed post­ed on his per­son­al web­site speaks for itself: “Amer­i­ca and Israel Must Open the Door to Hamas.” Soros’ out­landish piece was pub­lished in the midst of the bloody 2006–2007 Fatah-Hamas con­flict. The ensu­ing car­nage of the Bat­tle of Gaza in June 2007 would result in a com­plete Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip and the dis­so­lu­tion of t …