Amanpour Says Hamas to Blame for War…Why Was That on CNN, But Edited Out from PBS?

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Amanpour Says Hamas to Blame for War...Why Was That on CNN, But Edited Out from PBS?

After the despicable terrorist attack launched from the Gaza Strip by Hamas against Israeli civilians across the border, Christiane Amanpour, a lefty journalist whose reporting betrays no sympathy for Israel’s precarious position in the Middle East, led the latest Amanpour & Co. broadcast with interviews of survivors and family members of kidnapped Israelis on the Monday edition of her eponymous show, which airs on CNN International and tax-funded PBS. But why did PBS delete Amanpour suggesting that Hamas was responsible for bringing death and destruction to Gaza?Perhaps this is grading on a curve, given the awfulness of much of the media’s coverage of the attacks. But give Amanpour some credit for not using the weasel word “militant” to describe the terrorists (she actually used the word “terrorist” once). She even clarified to a pro-Palestinian guest that Hamas had in fact committed “war crimes” against Israeli citizens.Amanpour introduced the show, wholly devoted to the attacks in Israel, by calling the inv …