Haines Claims GOP Speaker Infighting ‘Invites’ Hamas to Attack Israel

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Haines Claims GOP Speaker Infighting ‘Invites’ Hamas to Attack Israel

After being fairly cogent most of the week in terms of blaming Hamas terrorists for the slaughter of Israeli civilians and defending Israel’s right to defend itself (with the only outlier being racist co-host Sunny Hostin), ABC’s The View veered back off into asinine territory on Thursday with claims Republican infighting over who would be speaker of the House “invites” Hamas to attack Israel.
“The world is seemingly blowing up right now, and the U.S. looks weak on the world stage because we can’t even name a speaker of the House,” Haines proclaimed.
Even though such an operation by Hamas would need months if not a year or more to plan and finance, Haines insisted that the week-old speaker fight within the Republican conference was what invited Hamas to launch their attack:

And last week it was kind of amusing, we talked about it here, you have the McCarthy is out, Gaetz is enjoying 30 seconds in the sun and Jim Jordan is your next best option and everything was kind of funny. And then perspective slaps you in the face. And on Saturday after that terrorist attack I kind of looked at in and thought, you know, this division invites enemies in.

Without evidence, she also blamed the infighting for the “massive spread of disinformation” about the fighting between Israel and Hamas. She lectured House Republicans to “watch more news” with no explanation about what she was referring to as “disinformation”:

And so, as a result of this, we ta …