Levin: ‘The Biden Administration Funneled Funds to the Palestinian Terrorists’

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<div>Levin: 'The Biden Administration Funneled Funds to the Palestinian Terrorists'</div>

Levin lashed out at President Joe Biden for allegedly funding terrorism in the West Bank of Israel. 
During the Oct. 10 edition of The Mark Levin Show, radio host Mark Levin reported a court decision had allowed a lawsuit against the Biden administration for violating the Taylor Force Act had been allowed to move forward. “The Biden administration funneled funds to the Palestinian terrorists in violation of the Taylor Force Act which was passed by Congress [and] signed by President [Donald] Trump, and the basics are very simple, no longer will taxpayers’ money flow into these terrorist operations until they swear off terrorism, which they have not only failed to do, they’re doing it right now,” Levin stated, referencing Hamas’ terrorist attack against Israel over the weekend. 

Levin continued, “And so when Joe Biden gets up: ‘We have your back, Israel’ it’s just like when he gets up and lies to the American people. …