Sen. Black­burn Calls On Amer­i­ca To ‘Stand With Israel’ Amid Hamas Atroc­i­ties

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Sen. Blackburn Calls On America To ‘Stand With Israel’ Amid Hamas Atrocities

Sen­a­tor Mar­sha Black­burn (R‑TN) is call­ing on the U.S. to “stand with Israel” in a new video doc­u­ment­ing the vio­lence com­mit­ted by Hamas ter­ror­ists on Israeli civil­ians. 
In the video, called “The Real­i­ty of Hamas’ Ter­ror­ist Attacks on Israel,” Black­burn shows the atroc­i­ties by Hamas since Sat­ur­day when the ter­ror group launched a sur­prise attack on Israel, which includ­ed the mur­der and kid­nap­ping of women and chil­dren. 
“When you look at the num­bers that have been killed, the mas­sacre, the slaugh­ter, when you look at what Hamas has done, when you look at Iran’s par­tic­i­pa­tion in this,” Black­burn said in the video first obtained by The Dai­ly Wire. “Israel has the right to defend itself. The Unit­ed States must stand with Israel.” 
More than 1,300 Israelis have been killed and 3,000 wound­ed by Hamas ter­ror­ists who entered south­ern Israel from the Gaza Strip.
The video by Blackb …