‘The View’ Hosts Sug­gest GOP ‘Infight­ing’ Invit­ed Hamas’ Ter­ror­ist Attacks On Israel

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‘The View’ Hosts Suggest GOP ‘Infighting’ Invited Hamas’ Terrorist Attacks On Israel

“The View” co-host Sara Haines sug­gest­ed on Thurs­day that GOP “infight­ing” over who the par­ty would nom­i­nate to be the next speak­er of the House made the U.S. look “weak” on the “world stage,” invit­ing Hamas’ ter­ror­ist attacks on Israel.
“The world is seem­ing­ly blow­ing up right now,” Haines told her co-hosts. “And the U.S. looks weak on the world stage.”
Joy Behar replied, “right,” as the cam­era panned to co-hosts Alyssa Farah Grif­fin and Sun­ny Hostin, who could be seen nod­ding their heads in agree­ment.

Sara Haines claims GOP infight­ing over the speak­er “invit­ed” Hamas to attack Israel.“The world is seem­ing­ly blow­ing up right now, and the U.S. Looks weak…this divi­sion invites ene­mies in…”She sug­gests the dis­in­fo about the war is com­ing from the right, not pro-Hamas side. pic.twitter.com/OOp7c5Zpak
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“Because we can’t even name a speak­er of the House,” Haines said. “And last week it was kind of amus­ing, when we talked about it here, you know, you have the McCarthy’s out … Jim Jordan’s your next best option and every­thing …