Prac­ti­cal­ly Every­thing You Buy At The Gro­cery Store Is Owned By A Few Woke Com­pa­nies

Practically Everything You Buy At The Grocery Store Is Owned By A Few Woke Companies

The icon­ic beer brand Bud Light took a mas­sive hit over the sum­mer due to the fall­out from its part­ner­ship with trans­gen­der activist Dylan Mul­vaney.
In the first week of the con­tro­ver­sy, Bud Light sales decreased 11%, and its stock plunged 20% by the begin­ning of June, los­ing the brand’s par­ent com­pa­ny, AB InBev, bil­lions in mar­ket val­ue. It suf­fered a rev­enue loss in its North Amer­i­can mar­ket of almost $400 mil­lion dur­ing the sec­ond quar­ter, and the brand’s sales are still lag­ging.
Despite being the tar­get of one of the most suc­cess­ful boy­cotts in U.S. his­to­ry, AB InBev’s stock has most­ly sta­bi­lized. It’s down only 12% from the start of the year, and it’s actu­al­ly up 17% from one year ago. The mit­i­ga­tion of AB InBev’s over­all loss­es large­ly stems from the fact that it owns 7 0f the 10 best-sell­ing beer brands in the Unit­ed States. So, while sales of Bud Light have plum­met­ed, the sales of oth­er brands owned by AB InBev have remained the same or even increased as Amer­i­cans switch to ot …