Anti-Semi­tes Mark­ing Jew­ish Hous­es With Star Of David In Berlin: Reports

Anti-Semites Marking Jewish Houses With Star Of David In Berlin: Reports

Jew­ish-owned hous­es are being marked with the Star of David by anti-Semi­tes in Berlin in images rem­i­nis­cent of 1930s Nazi Ger­many, accord­ing to mul­ti­ple reports. 
Ger­man out­let Tagesspiegel report­ed Fri­day that Berlin Police con­firmed it was aware of an inci­dent where a Star of David was paint­ed on a Jew­ish woman’s door. Ger­man State Secu­ri­ty is inves­ti­gat­ing the marks on sus­pi­cion of incite­ment and hatred. The Jew­ish res­i­dent whose house was graf­fi­tied said she called the police, but author­i­ties told her to report it online. 
“They advised me to remove the Star of David because leav­ing it at the door could cause fur­ther reac­tions,” the woman said. She explained that she has a mezuzah on her door­frame, which is a piece of parch­ment inscribed with vers­es from the Torah in Hebrew. The Jew­ish woman said she is now afraid to go to syn­a­gogue and to be seen in pub­lic …