Sau­di Ara­bia Paus­es Nor­mal­iza­tion Talks With Israel, Focus­es On Mak­ing Deal With Iran After Hamas Attack: Report

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Saudi Arabia Pauses Normalization Talks With Israel, Focuses On Making Deal With Iran After Hamas Attack: Report

Sau­di Ara­bia, which was engag­ing in months-long talks with Israel on nor­mal­iz­ing rela­tions, has report­ed­ly paused dis­cus­sions and shift­ed its focus to mak­ing a deal with Iran. 
Reuters report­ed that two sources famil­iar with the mat­ter said Sau­di Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman spoke with Iran­ian Pres­i­dent Ebrahim Raisi in an attempt to pre­vent fur­ther esca­la­tion in the region. Iran told the Sau­di leader that Sau­di Ara­bia would need to pri­or­i­tize con­ces­sions for Pales­tini­ans for talks to con­tin­ue between the two coun­tries, accord­ing to one source. 
A senior Iran­ian offi­cial said the call with Sau­di Ara­bia, which last­ed 45 min­utes, was “good and promis­ing,” adding that its goal was to sup­port “P …