MSNBC Brings on Anti-Israeli Journo to Smear Netanyahu

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MSNBC Brings on Anti-Israeli Journo to Smear Netanyahu

Even after the state of Israel suf­fered from the worst ter­ror­ist attacks in its his­to­ry, the left-wing ghouls at MSNBC kept up their vile, par­ti­san attacks on Israeli prime min­is­ter Ben­jamin Netanyahu. This time, host Katy Tur on her show Katy Tur Reports, brought on left-wing jour­nal­ist Noga Tarnopol­sky to hurl smears at Netanyahu. 
“I was struck by, amid all this grief and all this anger and and all this fear about per­son­al secu­ri­ty that still exists with­in Israel, that peo­ple not going to cafes, not doing any­thing in the night life but tak­ing to the streets over the week­end to protest,” Tur not­ed before ask­ing Tarnopol­sky “Tell me what they were protest­ing.” 

“They are in agony,” Tarnopol­sky pro­claimed about the left-wing pro­test­ers. 
Tarnopol­sky claimed the rea­son behind their protests are “a com­bi­na­tion” of things. …