Ver­mon­t’s min­i­mum wage set to rise again next year

(The Cen­ter Square) — Wages will rise for hun­dreds of thou­sands of low-skilled work­ers in Ver­mont next year under a law that pegs the state’s wage floor to the fed­er­al infla­tion rate.
Begin­ning Jan. 1, Ver­mon­t’s min­i­mum wage will rise from $13.18 per hour to $13.67 per hour as a result of the state’s man­dat­ed eco­nom­ic adjust­ment, accord­ing to the Ver­mont Depart­ment of Labor.
For a full-time work­er earn­ing the min­i­mum wage, the rate hike will mean anoth­er $25.20 per week in their pock­ets before tax­es, or about $1,31 …