U.S. Navy Shoots Down Drones, Mis­siles Fired By Iran­ian-Backed Ter­ror­ists In Yemen

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U.S. Navy Shoots Down Drones, Missiles Fired By Iranian-Backed Terrorists In Yemen

The Unit­ed States Navy shot down drones and cruise mis­siles fired by Iran­ian-backed ter­ror­ists in Yemen that offi­cials say were poten­tial­ly head­ed toward Israel.
The USS Car­ney, a destroy­er, was sail­ing in the north­ern Red Sea when it detect­ed and shot down three cruise mis­siles and mul­ti­ple drones that were launched by the Houthis in Yemen.
“We can­not say for cer­tain what these mis­siles and drones were tar­get­ing, but they were launched from Yemen head­ing north along the Red Sea, poten­tial­ly towards tar­gets in Israel,” said Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryd …