Jon Karl FREAKS OUT at Tim Scott Say­ing Biden Has ‘Blood on His Hands’ by Cod­dling Iran

<div>Jon Karl FREAKS OUT at Tim Scott Saying Biden Has 'Blood on His Hands' by Coddling Iran</div>

Left­ists quite fre­quent­ly trash their oppo­nents by say­ing they have “blood on their hands.” This is quite com­mon in gun-con­trol debates, and now it’s hap­pen­ing in fights over so-called “gen­der-affirm­ing care.” Jour­nal­ists rarely object to the Left employ­ing this rhetor­i­cal tac­tic.
But on Sun­day, ABC This Week host Jonathan Karl freaked out that Repub­li­can pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Tim Scott would say Biden has blood on his hands — for the Octo­ber 7 mass mur­der of Israelis. 
This is always harsh talk. Dead­ly crimes should be blamed on the crim­i­nals. But the media dou­ble stan­dard is obvi­ous. Karl pressed Scott to take it back, that it’s not Scot­t’s style. 

ABC’s @JonKarl scolds @SenatorTimScott: “Do you regret say­ing that” Biden “has blood on his hands?” Scott: “No.” Karl: “To say that Joe Biden is complicit…in the great­est, dead­liest attack on the Jew­ish peo­ple since the Holocaust…that’s bey­on …