House GOP Nom­i­nates Tom Emmer For Speak­er

House GOP Nominates Tom Emmer For Speaker

Repub­li­cans select­ed House Major­i­ty Whip Tom Emmer (R‑MN) on Tues­day to be their third nom­i­nee for speak­er three weeks after Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R‑CA) was vot­ed out of the role.
Emmer secured the major­i­ty in the fifth secret bal­lot in a face-off against Rep. Mike John­son (R‑LA), who is the vice chair­man of the House Repub­li­can Con­fer­ence. A House floor vote for the speak­er­ship could hap­pen as ear­ly as lat­er on Tues­day.
Sev­en law­mak­ers faced off across sev­er­al rounds of vot­ing, includ­ing Reps. Emmer, John­son, Jack Bergman (R‑MI), Byron Don­alds (R‑FL), Kevin Hern (R‑OK), Austin Scott (R‑GA), and Pete Se …