Krug­man CRUD: Biden Econ­o­my ‘Remark­ably Suc­cess­ful, Even If Nobody Will Believe It’

Krugman CRUD: Biden Economy ‘Remarkably Successful, Even If Nobody Will Believe It’

Paul Krug­man, New York Times eco­nom­ics colum­nist and chron­ic escapist, can’t help mak­ing him­self look even more clown­ish by cast­ing Bide­nomics as any­thing oth­er than the infla­tion-stim­u­lat­ing mess that it is.
“The Secret of America’s Eco­nom­ic Suc­cess,” read Krugman’s Oct. 23 piece of pro­pa­gan­da. Krug­man regur­gi­tat­ed his ridicu­lous flap­doo­dle that Amer­i­ca has some­how beat­en the scourge of high infla­tion. He point­ed to a graph by blockchain-based firm Tru­fla­tion pur­port­ing to give a more accu­rate infla­tion depic­tion to pro­claim a “steep decline in infla­tion over the past year.” But there’s a prob­lem. The graph Krug­man point­ed to just shows a slow­ing infla­tion rate, not a “decline” as Krug­man decep­tive­ly insin­u­at­ed. 
In fact, ongo …