‘She Goes Out There and Lies’: Behar Blasts Tlaib for Smearing Israel

<div>'She Goes Out There and Lies': Behar Blasts Tlaib for Smearing Israel</div>

Some on the right might have thought Hell froze over the last couple of weeks when they found themselves largely agreeing with the majority of the cast of ABC’s The View on something: Israel was the victim of a terrible terrorist attack and Hamas needed to be stamped out. Those same people might have thought pigs were flying on Tuesday as co-host Joy Behar slammed Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (MI) for spewing lies about Israel bombing a hospital in Gaza.
The growing antisemitism in the world since the October 7attack on Israel was at the top of mind for Behar. Near the top of the show, she pointed out that much of the anti-Israel hatred going around was actually just antisemitism (Click “expand”):

BEHAR: I’m going to ask the panel a question, when they say that you can be anti-Zionist or anti-Israeli policies that doesn’t make you anti-Semitic, right? …