‘Nasty Lit­tle Woman!’ Sara Haines FLIPS OUT on Female Repub­li­can

‘Nasty Little Woman!’ Sara Haines FLIPS OUT on Female Republican

At a late-night press con­fer­ence to announce that House Repub­li­cans had nom­i­nat­ed yet anoth­er speak­er des­ig­nate, North Car­oli­na Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Vir­ginia Foxx ABC Capi­tol Hill cor­re­spon­dent Rachel Scott for ask­ing ridicu­lous ques­tions; telling who to “shut up” and “go away.” This absolute­ly trig­gered the left-wing cast of ABC’s The View, with co-host Sara Haines flip­ping out com­plete­ly and demand­ing the “nasty lit­tle woman” be kicked out of office.
“Oh my God!” Haines exclaimed after the edit­ed sound­bites of Foxx were shared. There was some con­fu­sion amongst the cast about who made the com­ments, so Haines tried to clear that up, say­ing, “Her name is Vir­ginia Foxx, she’s a nasty lit­tle woman.”
“She’s the mean­est Repub­li­can,” faux con­ser­v­a­tive Alyssa Farah Grif­fin added.
Haines pro­ceed­ed to spout off against Foxx and claim her tod­dlers were bet­ter behaved than the Con­gress­woman:

I looked up there and I saw her say shut up a …