Over A Quar­ter Mil­lion ‘Inad­mis­si­ble Aliens’ Released Into U.S. After Using CBP App, Home­land Secu­ri­ty Doc­u­ments Reveal

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Over A Quarter Million ‘Inadmissible Aliens’ Released Into U.S. After Using CBP App, Homeland Security Documents Reveal

The dig­i­tal immi­gra­tion plat­form expand­ed under the Biden admin­is­tra­tion, called the CBP One app, has been used by hun­dreds of thou­sands of inad­mis­si­ble aliens who’ve been released into the inte­ri­or of the U.S., Depart­ment of Home­land Secu­ri­ty (DHS) doc­u­ments obtained by the House Com­mit­tee on Home­land Secu­ri­ty reveal.
The Cus­toms and Bor­der Patrol (CBP) One app, which has been expand­ed by the Biden admin­is­tra­tion, allows for­eign nation­als to remote­ly sched­ule asy­lum appoint­ments. New data, obtained by the House …