Bil­lion­aire Donor to Fox Biz: Pro-Hamas Colum­bia Stu­dents ‘Have Sh*t for Brains’

Billionaire Donor to Fox Biz: Pro-Hamas Columbia Students ‘Have Sh*t for Brains’

A long time Colum­bia Uni­ver­si­ty donor blast­ed the abhor­rent out­pour­ing of stu­dent and fac­ul­ty sup­port for Hamas ter­ror­ism against Israel.
Bil­lion­aire investor Leon Coop­er­man announced on The Cla­man Count­down on Oct. 26 that he was cut­ting Colum­bia Uni­ver­si­ty off after some grotesque dis­plays of anti-Semi­tism. He took a part­ing shot at stu­dents sup­port­ing the geno­ci­dal Hamas aggres­sors: “I think that these kids at the col­leges have sh‑t for brains!” In response to the behav­ior of stu­dents and stu­dent groups, Coop­er­man announced that his long his­to­ry of giv­ing to the Ivy League uni­ver­si­ty was over. Coop­er­man said, “Now, the real shame is I’ve giv­en to Colum­bia prob­a­bly about $50 mil­lion over many years,” before …