Far-left House Democ­rats chafe at Biden Israel sup­port after Hamas ter­ror attacks

Far-left House Democrats chafe at Biden Israel support after Hamas terror attacks

A long-sim­mer­ing feud among Democ­rats about how deeply, if at all, to sup­port Israel is widen­ing into a wrench­ing rift amid the nation’s defen­sive war against Hamas ter­ror­ists in Gaza and foes else­where.
Even before Hamas’s Oct. 7 ter­ror­ist attacks on tar­gets in south­ern Israel, which have claimed more than 1,400 lives and cap­tured about 200 hostages, most still in cap­tiv­i­ty, a rump of House Democ­rats were out­spo­ken crit­ics of the Jew­ish state and, in the cas­es of Reps. Rashi­da Tlaib (D‑MI), Ilhan Omar (D‑MN), and Cori Bush (D‑MO), and arguably a cou­ple of oth­ers, are out­right oppo­nents of the Mid­dle East­’s only democ­ra­cy’s very exis­tence in their calls for Pales­tin­ian sov­er­eign­ty over land that’s been par …