‘Put A Chick In It and Make It Lame & Gay!’: South Park Spe­cial Nukes Woke Dis­ney

<div>'Put A Chick In It and Make It Lame & Gay!': South Park Special Nukes Woke Disney</div>

South Park’s Para­mount+ spe­cial, “Join­ing the Pan­der­verse” which aired Fri­day, hilar­i­ous­ly anni­hi­lates Disney’s CEO Bob Iger and Lucas­film pres­i­dent Kath­leen Kennedy for ruin­ing clas­sic films with forced diver­si­ty —and it’s pure gold.
The episode revolves around Eric Cartman’s night­mares in which he and his group of friends are replaced with racial­ly and sex­u­al­ly diverse women who whine about the patri­archy.

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And if you have a ques­tion about Cart­man being replaced by a sassy black woman, you’re prob­a­bly a big­ot and a racist. Duh! 

PC Prin­ci­pal: Sit down boys. One of our stu­dents …