‘Forces Of Evil’ Are Attack­ing Israel, Iran­ian Peo­ple, Oth­er Nations: Exiled Crown Prince Of Iran

‘Forces Of Evil’ Are Attacking Israel, Iranian People, Other Nations: Exiled Crown Prince Of Iran

The exiled crown prince of Iran referred to the “forces of evil” that have tar­get­ed Israel as well as the Iran­ian peo­ple.
Reza Pahlavi was inter­viewed by Fox News’s Steve Doocy, who not­ed the pres­i­dent of Iran say­ing, “Zion­ist regimes crimes have crossed the red lines, which may force every­one to take action.”
“The red line? What are they talk­ing about? … Their proxy forces are shoot­ing at our guys over in that region every day, it seems,” Doocy not­ed.
“That’s exact­ly the c …