Sun­ny Hostin WHINES About Being Called Out for Her Anti­semitism

Sunny Hostin WHINES About Being Called Out for Her Antisemitism

Since the start of the cur­rent war between Israel and Hamas, News­Busters has doc­u­ment­ed the fes­ter­ing anti­semitism leak­ing from The View’s Sun­ny Hostin as she has blamed Israel for the Octo­ber 7 ter­ror­ist attack against them, decried Israeli anger at Hamas as “ter­ri­fy­ing,” pushed Hamas’s pro­pa­gan­da, and sug­gest­ed it was Israel that was com­mit­ting acts of “ter­ror” and “war crimes.” So it was some­what amus­ing to hear the ABC co-host on Thurs­day whine about being called out for anti­semitism.
In a seg­ment fea­tur­ing MSNBC reg­u­lar Don­ny Deutsch, Hostin began her com­ments by whin­ing that she doesn’t like talk­ing about the war because she gets called out for being an anti-Semi­te. Her defense? She had a Jew­ish fam­i­ly mem­ber:

And I’ve explained that even as a per­son of Jew­ish ances­try – my grand­fa­ther is Jew­ish – I am so reluc­tant to talk about this and wade into this water lest I be called an anti-Semi­te. Which in my view, is some­one who hates Jews. I would have to hate my fam­i­ly.

“How­ev­er, there is a dif­fer­ence between an anti-Semi­te and being some­one that speaks out against Israel’s — some of Israel’s poli­cies,” she ar …