America’s Top 11 Gen­er­als: #8 George Pat­ton

America’s Top 11 Generals: #8 George Patton

Over the years, the Unit­ed States has pro­duced many remark­able gen­er­als and admi­rals, but only a few have stood out as world-class strate­gists and lead­ers of troops. As Vet­er­ans Day approach­es on Novem­ber 11, let’s remem­ber and cel­e­brate them. Here is my list of America’s finest 11 com­man­ders.
George S. Pat­ton Jr., 1885 – 1945 (World War II)
Much has been said and writ­ten about this Amer­i­can icon, and some of it is exag­ger­a­tion to be sure. The Ger­mans, for exam­ple, though they believed Pat­ton the best Allied com­man­der in the West, were not obsess­ing over his every move as depict­ed in the epony­mous 1970 film. …