Col­umn: Hal­loween Abor­tion Hor­ror Sto­ries in Post-Roe Ida­ho

Column: Halloween Abortion Horror Stories in Post-Roe Idaho

The lib­er­tine left in Amer­i­ca is infu­ri­at­ed that Roe vs. Wade was over­turned. In their ide­al world, abor­tion would be avail­able every­where at all times of preg­nan­cy, and it would be tax­pay­er-fund­ed for the less for­tu­nate. For­get that the peo­ple who are least for­tu­nate in an abor­tion are the unborn babies.
Abor­tion advo­ca­cy groups know they have the “main­stream” media on their side to add all the dra­ma they would need on their behalf. On Hal­loween, both CBS Morn­ings and the CBS Evening News offered a one-sided pro-abor­tion adver­tise­ment for the Cen­ter for Repro­duc­tive Rights as they sue the state of Ida­ho for endan­ger­ing “preg­nant patients” for only allow­ing abor­tion if the life of the moth­er is at stake, and not the “health.”
As any­one who fol­lows the abor­tion issue knows, a “health” excep­tion can be very broad and applied to men­tal health. Ther …