Democ­rats Float New Elec­tion Slo­gan: ‘Vote Demo­c­rat. The Coun­try Is Still Stand­ing. Help Us Fin­ish The Job.’

Democrats Float New Election Slogan: ‘Vote Democrat. The Country Is Still Standing. Help Us Finish The Job.’

When­ev­er Novem­ber comes along, Amer­i­can polit­i­cal observers turn their minds to the upcom­ing elec­tions because they can’t just sit in the cor­ner sob­bing all the time, it’s unseem­ly.
As things stand now, Democ­rats are fear­ful that their elec­tion chances may suf­fer some­what from the fact that their poli­cies have led to two major wars, sur­ren­dered our bor­ders to Mex­i­can car­tels, and turned our salaries to dust that was blown away on the winds of infla­tion into a vast expanse of i …