Israel-Hamas Con­flict Leads Big Tech’s WORST Cen­sor­ship of Octo­ber List

Israel-Hamas Conflict Leads Big Tech’s WORST Censorship of October List

Win­ter is com­ing, but Big Tech cen­sor­ship is not going into hiber­na­tion. This past month of Octo­ber, Big Tech giants con­tin­ued their anti-free speech efforts.
Big Tech con­tin­ued its anti-free speech activ­i­ties in Octo­ber, and MRC Free Speech Amer­i­ca tracked this cen­sor­ship on its unique data­base. Hamas ter­ror­ists launched a hor­rif­ic attack on Israel this month, and Meta and YouTube tar­get­ed accounts expos­ing Hamas’s atroc­i­ties. Con­tin­u­ing to inter­fere in the upcom­ing 2024 elec­tion, Big Tech also tar­get­ed Pres­i­dent Joe Biden’s oppo­nents with cen­sor­ship — again. In anoth­er instance, Elon Musk’s X (for­mer­ly Twit­ter) added a demon­e­ti­za­tion fea­ture to its Com­mu­ni­ty Notes fact-check pro­gram. And Insta­gram fact-checked a post expos­ing the U.S. south­ern bor­der cri­sis.
Near­ly every­one is at risk of hav­ing his speech attacked. The month of Octo­ber was no …