Meacham Talks Polls on Morn­ing Joe: Biden’s ‘Not On Tri­al Here, I Think We Are’

<div>Meacham Talks Polls on Morning Joe: Biden's 'Not On Trial Here, I Think We Are'</div>

There was much gnash­ing of teeth on today’s Morn­ing Joe over the New York Times poll show­ing Biden los­ing to Trump in five out of six bat­tle­ground states.
A num­ber of the pan­elists admit­ted to being “con­found­ed” by the poll results. And more than one sug­gest­ed that the Democ­rats need to “work hard­er.” That’s the kind of bril­liant advice that talk­ing heads and cam­paign con­sul­tants get the big ben­jamins for. 
But of all the blath­er and whistling past the grave­yard on dis­play, the most bizarre and laugh­able com­ment came from Morn­ing Joe reg­u­lar Jon Meacham. 
The his­to­ri­an and occa­sion­al Biden speech­writer began by declar­ing that in the 2024 pre­si …