Col­umn: USA TODAY’s Front-Page Lash­ing of Libs of Tik­Tok

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<div>Column: USA TODAY's Front-Page Lashing of Libs of TikTok</div>

They still call their nation­al news­pa­per USA Today, but on some days, the front page looks more like “LGBTQIA Today.” On Octo­ber 6, the bold top head­line was “When Libs of Tik­Tok posts, threats increas­ing­ly fol­low.” The author is Will Car­less, whose beat is “Extrem­ism.” Beware, that beat is almost always just “Right-Wing Extrem­ism.” That’s how they define the wild­ly suc­cess­ful Twit­ter account of Libs of Tik­Tok, oper­at­ed by Chaya Raichik. (She trolled them by hap­pi­ly pos­ing with their hit piece.)In a front-page text box, USA Today warned this account is a “cre­ator of, and a force mul­ti­pli­er for, right-wing out­rage.” It’s a “hive of con­ser­v­a­tive politi­cians, media per­son­al­i­ties, and far-right online influ­encers.” With bad­ly dis­guised pro­pa­gan­da like this sto­ry, that can be reversed: USA Today is a cre­ator of, and a force mul­ti­pli­er for, left-wing out­rage. Car­less came to the “hive” o …