New Jersey elections: Assembly remains blue in Democratic clean sweep

Democrats held onto the New Jersey General Assembly early Wednesday morning, sealing a clean sweep of both chambers after fending off a spirited Republican challenge.
New Jersey’s Democratic Party capitalized on the topic of abortion access to combat motivating issues for Republicans, such as the economy and parental rights.
As of 12.40 a.m., Democrats held at least 45 of the 80 seats, according to the Associated Press.
All 120 seats in New Jersey’s state legislature, both in the General Assembly and the state Senate, were up for election on Tuesday. Several subjects leveraged by either party made for close battles across the state in the 80-person Assembly.
New Jersey, while not a traditionally progressive state, has consistently voted blue in recent years. And while voters may not lean to the Left across every topic, they are predominantly pro-abortion rights. With just over one year since the overturn of Roe v. Wade, pollsters and Democrats in the state insisted that it was very much on voters’ minds.
On the other hand, the topics of parental rights and how to handle transgender issues in the classroom made their way to New Jersey prior to the election.
Parents across the state rallied around those subjects, and the activism was not limited to Republica …