Ten­nessee GOP Rep Spon­sors Bill To Strip Qatar Of Ally Sta­tus Unless They Kick Out Hamas Lead­ers

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Tennessee GOP Rep Sponsors Bill To Strip Qatar Of Ally Status Unless They Kick Out Hamas Leaders

A Ten­nessee GOP con­gress­man is co-spon­sor­ing a bill that would strip Qatar of its spe­cial sta­tus as a prime ally of the Unit­ed States unless it ejects the lead­ers of the ter­ror­ist group Hamas, who have been lead­ing lav­ish lifestyles there while the peo­ple in Gaza have been liv­ing in pover­ty for years.
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, report­ed­ly worth more than $4 bil­lion, Khaled Mashal, report­ed­ly worth $4 bil­lion, and senior Hamas polit­i­cal leader Abu Marzuk, esti­mat­ed …