The Lamest, DUMBEST ‘Fact Checks of the Third GOP Pres­i­den­tial Debate

One of the con­cepts that put Repub­li­cans on edge dur­ing live events is the left­ist media promis­ing “fact check­ing in real time.” It always car­ries the poten­tial to be even worse than their “fact check­ing” that isn’t rushed. Here are some of the lamest, dumb­est fact checks from the third pres­i­den­tial debate in Mia­mi.
Most came from the NBC News live blog, and the very lamest one was heav­i­ly mocked on Twit­ter.
1. They some­how called it “half true” when Gov. Ron DeSan­tis said he took action to get 700 Amer­i­cans out of Gaza. Can any­one imag­ine them fact- …