ABC, CBS, and NBC Ele­vate Gaza Video from KNOWN Pro­pa­gan­da Influ­encer

ABC, CBS, and NBC Elevate Gaza Video from KNOWN Propaganda Influencer

If you’re on X (for­mer­ly known as Twit­ter) and fol­low the Israel-Hamas War, you’re like­ly aware of the man we’re about to speak of. Saleh Alja­farawi, dubbed “Mr. FAFO” and “Mr. Pal­ly­wood,” is a KNOWN Hamas-linked social media influ­encer and cri­sis actor. But those eas­i­ly research­able facts were of no inter­est to ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Night­ly News on Fri­day as they all, much like MSNBC did, treat­ed his con­tent as though it was a legit­i­mate source of news from Gaza.
As News­Busters pre­vi­ous­ly report­ed, it’s easy to fig­ure out who Alja­farawi was. He posts his pro­pa­gan­da video …