Las Vegas Resorts nar­row­ly avoid Culi­nary Work­ers Union strike

The Culi­nary Work­ers Union has called off an impend­ing strike against MGM, Cae­sars, and Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, Neva­da
Pre­vi­ous­ly, the Culi­nary Work­ers Union set its nego­ti­a­tion dead­line for Nov. 10. The result­ing con­tract will last five years and has been in dis­cus­sion since April.
Cae­sars came to an agree­ment first on Tues­day after a 20-hour nego­ti­at­ing peri­od for its 10,000 union­ized employ­ees across nine resorts. MGM was next on Thurs­day, with­in 24 hours of the dead­line, but came to a deal for its 25,400 employ­ees across eight of its resorts. Final­ly, with three hours to spare, Wynn Resorts made a deal Fri­day for its 5,000 union­ized staff.
“The his­toric new agree­ment includes the largest wage increas­es ever nego­ti­at­ed in Culi­nary Union’s 88 year his­to­ry, work­load reduc­tions for guest room atten­dants, man­dat­ed dai­ly room clean­ing, increased safe­ty pro­tec­tions for work­ers on-the-job, expand­ed tech­nol­o­gy con­tract lan­guage, extend­ed recall rights, and the right for union­ized work­ers to sup­port non-union restau­rant work­ers seek­ing to union­ize by respect­ing their pick­et lines,” a rele …