CBS Help­ful­ly Repeats ‘Surge’ of Islam­o­pho­bia’ Press Release from Rad­i­cals at CAIR

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<div>CBS Helpfully Repeats 'Surge' of Islamophobia' Press Release from Radicals at  CAIR</div>

CBS News can often be described as a mega­phone for the Left. But some times, it gets incred­i­bly lazy. On Thurs­day after­noon, pub­lished an arti­cle that can only be described as a press release for the Coun­cil on Amer­i­can-Islam­ic Rela­tions (CAIR), the Mus­lim lob­by­ing group that’s been attached to Hamas. The head­line was: 

“Unprece­dent­ed surge” in anti-Arab, anti-Mus­lim bias inci­dents report­ed in U.S. since Israel-Hamas war, advo­ca­cy group says

They’re just an “advo­ca­cy group,” no ide­o­log­i­cal or geopo­lit­i­cal expla­na­tions are nec­es­sary. It was at a CAIR fundrais­er where Rep. Ilhan Omar (D‑Minn.) said “some peo­ple did some­thing” on 9/11:

“CAIR was found­ed after 9/11, because they rec­og­nized that some peo­ple did some­thing and that all of us were start­ing to lose access to our civ­il lib­er­ties.”

CAIR was found­ed in 1994.
The lazy CBS rerun …