Hey, Wash­Post! Quit Treat­ing Vot­ers Like They’re Stu­pid for Rec­og­niz­ing Biden’s Econ­o­my Sucks

Hey, WashPost! Quit Treating Voters Like They’re Stupid for Recognizing Biden’s Economy Sucks

The left­ist Wash­ing­ton Post just can’t resist treat­ing Amer­i­cans as if they’re just dumb for think­ing Bide­nomics is a dis­as­ter despite their ongo­ing eco­nom­ic hard­ships.
The Post ran a con­de­scend­ing head­line on Nov. 13 that was about as stu­pid as it was patron­iz­ing: “The econ­o­my is boom­ing, but infla­tion con­tin­ues to sour Amer­i­cans.” The sub-head­line was just as ridicu­lous: “Ris­ing wages and strong eco­nom­ic growth haven’t been enough to con­vince vot­ers that the president’s poli­cies are work­ing for them.”
The left­ist rag gaslight­ed vot­ers by mak­ing it seem like they shouldn’t believe their lying eyes about the …