Social Secu­ri­ty update: Direct pay­ment worth $914 arrives in 17 days

Mil­lions of Sup­ple­men­tal Secu­ri­ty Income recip­i­ents will see the first of two Decem­ber SSI pay­ments from the Social Secu­ri­ty Admin­is­tra­tion, worth up to $914 for indi­vid­ual fil­ers, in a lit­tle over two weeks.
The first round of month­ly pay­ments will go out in 17 days, on Dec. 1. The sec­ond pay­ment, which replaces Jan­u­ary’s install­ment, will go out four weeks lat­er, on Dec. 29. The dou­ble pay­ment is because of a kink in the admin­is­tra­tion’s sched­ule. Jan. 1 is a hol­i­day, so the SSA will send out Jan­u­ary’s check in Decem­ber to ensure recip­i­ents receive their funds on sched­ule.
To qual­i­fy for the pay­ments, recip­i­ents must be at least 65 and meet cer­tain finan­cial require­ments. Some peo­ple under the age of 65 could qual­i­fy for the pay­ments if they are at least par­tial­ly blind or have a phys­i­cal or men­tal dis­abil­i­ty that severe­ly lim­its their dai­ly activ­i­ties for at least a year or is expect­ed to result in death, accord­ing to the admin­is­tra­tion.
The max­i­mum pay­ment tha …