Macho Joe Scar­bor­ough Said He’d Beat Up Capi­tol Tourist—But Appalled By Sen­ate Scrap

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<div>Macho Joe Scarborough Said He'd Beat Up Capitol Tourist—But Appalled By Senate Scrap</div>

Muy Macho Joe Scar­bor­ough thinks he is one tough hom­bre.
And Scar­bor­ough’s man­ly uber-man­li­ness isn’t con­fined to the serene byways of 30 Rock. To the con­trary, Scar­bor­ough’s machis­mo extends, quite lit­er­al­ly, to the halls of the Capi­tol!
As we not­ed last year, Scar­bor­ough fan­ta­sized about beat­ing up a Capi­tol tourist tak­ing pho­tos some­where Joe did­n’t like. 

“If I’m giv­ing a tour on any day of the year, and a guy’s stop­ping and tak­ing a pic­ture of, like, met­al detec­tors, tak­ing a pic­ture of entries, you know? I’d stop and say, hey, hey, hey Inspec­tor Clouse­au! Put the cam­era down or I’m gonna make you eat it. I would slap the cam­era out of his hand. If I were a Mem­ber of Con­gress, and a guy’s doing this, I’d say, what are you doing? Stop. And I’d slap.”

Tough stuff! The kind of thing Scar­bor­ough no doubt learned while sum­mer­ing on the hard­scrab­ble streets of Nan­tuck­et.
So it was para­dox­i­cal, to say the least, to find Scar­bor­ough clutch­ing his pearls this morn­ing over oth­ers engag­ing in tough talk in the Capi­tol. It’s one thing for urbane TV anchors to decry the “junior high” sound of it all. But it’s dif­fer­ent from Mr. “I’m Gonna Make You Eat It.”
Today’s Morn­ing Joe opened with a shocked, stunned, and appalled Sc …