Rat­ings Gold? CNN Ana­lyst Elle Honig Says ‘Smart Move’ for Trump to Back a Tele­vised Tri­al!

<div>Ratings Gold? CNN Analyst Elle Honig Says 'Smart Move' for Trump to Back a Televised Trial!</div>

CNN’s rat­ings are so deep in the toi­let that they now agree with Don­ald Trump on his desire for tele­vised tri­als in his fed­er­al court cas­es. Although it is improb­a­ble that this would hap­pen, since it is a gen­er­al rule to not allow cam­eras into fed­er­al court­rooms, they are so des­per­ate for the huge num­bers of view­ers such tele­vised tri­als would gen­er­ate — O.J. Simp­son tri­al  num­bers!? — that they are able to put their loathing aside to agree with Trump on this issue.
An exam­ple of this thirst for view­ers came on Mon­day when CNN’s legal ana­lyst Elie Honig appeared on The Source with Kaitlin Collins and dared to say Trump made a “smart move” to back cam­eras in the court­room in this case, so he could paint the Biden Jus­tice Depart­ment as the cam­era-phobes depriv­ing the pub­lic of infor­ma­tion.
Maybe Trump saw the court­room antics of the civ­il tri­al in New York and said “man, the video could only help me.”