EXCLUSIVE: Rep. McCormick Cham­pi­ons Push to End Dystopi­an Cen­sor­ship Indus­tri­al Com­plex, Touts MRC

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. McCormick Champions Push to End Dystopian Censorship Industrial Complex, Touts MRC

The Depart­ment of Defense may soon have its dystopi­an efforts come to a screech­ing halt after a law­mak­er offered an amend­ment to the 2024 Nation­al Defense Autho­riza­tion Act (NDAA) bar­ring gov­ern­ment cen­sor­ship col­lu­sion.
Rep. Richard McCormick (R‑GA) is ral­ly­ing sup­port for an amend­ment to the annu­al defense bill that would for­mal­ly erad­i­cate the Pentagon’s abil­i­ty to engage with or fund groups that noto­ri­ous­ly tar­get adver­tis­ers for right-lean­ing media out­lets. Among those anti-free speech groups includ­ed are left­ist inter­net traf­fic cop News­Guard, the Glob­al Dis­in­for­ma­tion Index (GDI) and Graphi­ka Tech­nolo­gies, McCormick declared in exclu­sive com­ments to MRC Free Speech Amer­i­ca late Wednes­day.
Rep. McCormick did not mince words when detail­ing the har­row­ing cen­sor­ship plot to thwart the First Amend­ment: 

“We’ve seen from The Twit­ter files and the Weaponiza­tion Committee’s report on the Elec­tion Integri­ty Project that the Cen­sor­ship Indus­tri­al Com­plex is …