The Rich­es of Embar­rass­ment! Stel­ter Stum­bles in News­Na­tion Grilling from Dan Abrams

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The Riches of Embarrassment! Stelter Stumbles in NewsNation Grilling from Dan Abrams

Ex-CNN host Bri­an Stel­ter is ubiq­ui­tous on lib­er­al TV net­works and pod­casts right now, sell­ing his lat­est Fox-fry­ing book Net­work of Lies, but one TV inter­view real­ly stands out. He appeared on Tues­day night’s Dan Abrams Live, and instead of delight­ing in the Fox hatred, Abrams pressed him on a raft of chal­leng­ing media ques­tions. Stel­ter stum­bled through­out, but the most embar­rass­ing part was claim­ing no host at CNN was par­ti­san.
Stel­ter could have point­ed at him­self. But he thinks he and Jim Acos­ta were just “truth telling.”
Up first? Abrams asked about the peti­tion of Israel-hat­ing jour­nal­ists insist­ing news accounts must smear Israel as guilty of “geno­cide,” “apartheid,” and “eth­nic cleans­ing.” Stel­ter said these are “pro­gres­sive writ­ers” who might not be in news rooms, but they should push their “stan­dards and prac­tices” squad to explore it. Abrams shot back that “g …