Jamie Raskin slams John­son’s release of Jan. 6 tapes: ‘Dia­gram to future ter­ror­ists’

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D‑MD) claimed it would be a “secu­ri­ty risk” to release all the tapes from the Capi­tol riots on Jan­u­ary 6.
Raskin appeared on The Sit­u­a­tion Room with Wolf Blitzer on Fri­day, where he dis­agreed with House Speak­er Mike John­son’s (R‑LA) deci­sion to release the tapes. John­son had announced ear­li­er that day that the pub­lic would have access to them “imme­di­ate­ly.”

“This was an effort to pla­cate the right wing, which has been mak­ing this absurd demand for a very long time,” Raskin said. “Beyond the par­ti­san nature of it, it’s a secu­ri­ty risk what they are doing. The rea­son why the Capi­tol Police have opposed releas­ing tens of thou­sands of hours from every House office build­ing, every Sen­ate office build­ing, every part of the Capi­tol is because it’s like giv­ing a dia­gram to future insur­rec­tion­ists and ter­ror­ists and any­body who wants to invade our body.”
Raskin was a mem­ber of the Jan. 6 com­mit­tee, which over­saw the tes­ti­monies of over 1,000 wit­ness­es from that day. The Mary­land Demo­c­rat implied that the com­mit­tee’s “com­plete report” was enough infor­ma­tion for the pub­lic.
“If the speak­er thinks it can be done safe­ly or secure­ly, why doesn’t he rely on the Capi­tol Police to deter­mine what should …