Biden Turns 81 As Democ­rats Split On How To Address Con­cerns About His Health

Biden Turns 81 As Democrats Split On How To Address Concerns About His Health

Pres­i­dent Joe Biden turned 81 on Mon­day as Democ­rats split on how to address the issue of the his age as he runs for re-elec­tion. 
Some aides to Biden — who fre­quent­ly mum­bles inco­her­ent­ly dur­ing speech­es and occa­sion­al­ly appears lost at pub­lic events — are advo­cat­ing for his cam­paign to lean into his age while oth­ers are attempt­ing to brush off the top­ic. Accord­ing to recent polls, a grow­ing num­ber of Amer­i­cans do think that Biden’s age is an impor­tant fac­tor to con­sid­er as he runs in 2024. 
“I don’t think the cam­paign should be …